Urben Renewal

Traditional Organization Principles + Swiss Design Restraint

Urben Renewal, a professional organization service, creates thoughtful redesign in residential spaces. Founder Stacy Urben Retchin chose Step Brightly to create the brand voice for her home organization business.

Through competitive analysis, color studies and logo development, we laid the groundwork for a new brand based on Stacy’s extensive experience.

Featuring a design style closely linked to Stacy’s Swiss heritage, Step Brightly treated her start-up brand as a study in traditional organization principles and a touch of Swiss design restraint in both her new website and a stationery suite. The goal for our client’s brand identity was to organically organize simple typographic elements together, symbolizing Urben Renewal’s process and intention.

With a set strategy for design in place, we customized a highly functional WordPress website to include a photo gallery plugin which highlights several of Urben Renewal’s featured projects with before and after photography. The client will be able to update this functionality on her own, which is extremely beneficial for future growth.

This project was truly a collaborative experience with the client, photographer Eileen Molony, developer Heather Acton and local word extraordinaire Julie Schumacher. Stacy and her family moved to Denver in the summer of 2014. We are looking forward to your next adventure in design Stacy!

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“A thoughtfully curated home instills calm and evokes happiness. In the same way, I worked with the gals of Step Brightly to think intentionally about each word, every photo, and the way visitors would experience Urban Renewal’s website.”

Stacy Urben, Owner

Services provided

Custom Web Design
Identity Design
Marketing Materials