Forth Chicago

Business, Pleasure, + Brand Building

Forth Chicago is a seasonal salon, and so much more. Through invite-only gatherings, a winter party, happy hours and outings, as well as an active social media presence, Forth Chicago looks to celebrate and connect Chicago’s creative business women of influence.

Founded by Lisa Guillot and two collaborators, Forth is brand building at its best: taking the seed of an idea and executing it strategically, and with verve, across multiple platforms. Through a partnership with writer Julie Schumacher and photographer Kelly Allison, the three founders looked to build an in-person and ongoing experience for attendees and other interested women. All three are intimately involved and active in all parts of the experience and in staying connected with participants.

With those big goals came a brand design strategy for the salons and gatherings as well as a beautiful online home of Forth. Design choices like seasonal details in the décor, menu, and clever takeaways support a themed conversation. In between salons, a styled email newsletter, a lively blog, and social and professional gatherings foster community and build Forth’s brand awareness.

The effort is a culmination of each of the Three Forths’ expertise in our individual fields that leads us to bring passion to the group. A smart approach to collaboration is fueled by honest, open communication, a healthy respect for one another’s abilities, and a literacy in each other’s specialties so that seamless excellence is the result. It’s also a fine reflection of how we collaboratively work with small businesses. And, it’s a chance to meet some dang fine gals.

There are many industry events and groups for networking. Carving out a unique presence in that cluttered field was critical and has set Forth apart as the everything-but-networking event in Chicago, with an ever-growing list of interested participants, potential sponsors, and new collaborations between Forth alums.

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"Our intent for Forth Chicago is to capture moments, conversations and reflections and share with friends old and new. "

Lisa Guillot, 1/3 of the Three Forths

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Event Design
Identity Design
Magazine Design
Marketing Materials
Web Design