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A colorful, smart blog focusing on branding, design, and lifestyle curated by Step Brightly, a boutique design studio specializing in brand design strategy. We insist on doing fabulous work for fabulous people.

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Bright Buzz in Business and Branding :: March

There’s not enough space to talk about all the cool and smart things we come across on the great, big internet. That’s why we’re bringing some of our top weekly reads in our new Bright Buzz series. We’re going…Read More

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Step Brightly revamped!

We took the plunge and revamped our business! New look, updated services and a fresh approach to brand design. Let’s take a look at the fun creative process of how we updated our look. But first, let’s make one…Read More

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Motherly Guilt :: A Quick Reflection on 2 New York Times Articles About the Working Mother

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