Brightly Branded Workshop

Wondering how to get started on your brand or rebrand?Brand-Workshops-Chicago

We’ve taken what we’ve learned over a combined 20 years working with brands big and small, new and established, in a variety of industries and areas and crafted a process to help you get started.

Lisa Guillot (brand design strategist and business building coach and expert) and Julie Schumacher (researcher, copywriter, strategist and bright idea engine) work with you to explore and articulate your business and branding in a way that makes sense for who you are and what you want to do. You’ll walk away with an understanding of what it means and takes to build a brand and an action plan for getting it done.

It’s exciting and daunting. It’s what we love doing.

What a typical Brightly Branded Workshop looks like


Before we meet


You’ll complete our targeted Q&A. These questions help us start to get to know you, your brand, your dreams and concerns as well as who you admire and view as competition. We then explore these answers and apply our experience with brands, businesses and individuals to begin synthesizing your brand’s best path forward. Our research is based on current best practices and our experience collaborating on business launches and rebrands.

While we meet


In our two hour workshop, we’ll get down to business. We have structured activities, guided questions, insights to share and time for free-form conversations to gather as much as we can. One activity will help us narrow down your brand characteristics: what your business is and what it is not, and what’s irrelevant.

P.S. – Not located in the Chicago area? We can also travel to you at an added expense to your workshop investment, or conduct workshops via Skype.

After we meet


Heads down to create magic and make meaning from everything we uncovered in the workshop. We’ll review our notes and deep dive into a three-part customized outcome from our meeting.


The outcome

Brand Description


We’ll craft a brand statement based off your descriptors. This outward-facing statement is the shortest way to say what your brand is and what your business has to offer.

Brand Differentiators


Let’s go a step further. While it would be great if your business appealed to everyone, everywhere, finding your focus is what makes a brand last. Your brand differentiators help you set your target markets, talk about yourself in ways that set you apart and help you think about how to best sell your products and services.


Brand Direction


Here, you’ll get customized brand recommendations based on everything we’ve learned. Think of this as your action plan. Some recommendations will be elements and aspects of brand building you can undertake yourself, now and in the future. They may also include some services Lisa and Julie provide (working together or independently) as well as other names of top-notch creatives we’ve worked with successfully in the past to cover where you brand is going.

What clients are saying


“Lisa and Julie listened to me, understood what I was hoping to create, and then figured out how to do it.  Incorporating color, style, feel, and my voice – they blended it all into one fabulous brand! I am so proud to share our work with the world.

I had never in my life had anyone treat me like their primary goal was to make me shine. It felt so good and I highly recommend it! If you’re ready to step out be sure to Step Brightly!”

Elisabeth A. Williams, Founder of AWE Partners


“If you want a studio that wants to know your business and your opinions and has a strong process in place to help you create a new design for your company, you should consider Step Brightly.”

Kelly Lowery, Owner KHLowery Consultants

Making an investment in your business from a branding and marketing perspective will help you make the biggest impact on your clients and customers.

Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Let’s get started.