Trending Now: Galentine’s Day is the New Valentine’s Day

Talk of branding usually goes hand in hand with your business, but branding also extends to various events, seasons, and holidays.

Christmas is synonymous with carols, cookies and decorating the trees, and Fourth of July is all about barbecues and fireworks. And as you can guess by the title of our post, Valentine's also has a brand, but there's something unique that's happened in the last few years.

What is Galentines Day?

Valentine's Day has gotten a rebrand.

You thought rebranding was just for businesses who needed a new website or logo? Wrong! (Wrong on several levels, but that's for another blog post.) Rebranding happens anytime an entity realizes  something doesn't match up between their mission/purpose, operations and audience perception, and that the gaps need to be closed through the process of rebranding.

In the case of Valentine's Day, February 14 had become an event that was equal parts joyous and fun-filled or depressing and lonely.


What is Galentines Day?That is, until Leslie Knope (played by one of our favorite Bright Ladies, Amy Poehler) re-framed the idea of Valentine's Day (technically the day before) in to Galentine's Day.

Of course, you don't simply come up with a new idea and you've suddenly rebranded a holiday. The reason Valentine's Day has effectively become rebranded is because it's been embraced by a huge audience ladies who like to celebrate ladies (and let's all agree Valentine's Day really is a woman's holiday, not too many men would blink an eye if you suggested scrapping this day all together).

Without an audience that embraced the idea of Galentine's Day, ran with it, and made it their own, Valentine's Day would still only be a big day of profit for the candy, card and craft companies. Here's some examples and inspiration of how other brands are embracing this new day of love with some bright Galentine's Day branding bits to think about for your own biz:

For school-aged kids, Valentine's Day is a holiday about friendship, so show your customers how they can use your products as the cute grown-up version of a valentine. For example, Essie polish isn't a typical gift you would think to give or receive for Valentine's Day, but it's the perfect thing to tie a note to for your favorite gal pal. Or you can put your note right on the gift like these stackable bracelets for the ultimate Galentine's arm party!

Show your audience how they can take your normal product line and cater them to a specific trend.

Fashion brands can create a mini styled shoot showcasing the perfect outfits to wear to a Galentine's brunch party, happy hour or Netflix night.

Again, these could be pieces you already have in your online or brick-and-mortar store as part of your normal inventory, but you have to show your audience why and how these pieces create the perfect look for the occasion. Give them the inspiration of a cute a lip print skirt to wear to Galentine's brunch and you'll get them thinking about how they just have to have it.

Take a lesson from Nasty Gal (makers of the "Best Bitches" tees), they always knock it out of the park with branding trends.

What these examples really show is that product brands can capitalize on a trend by incorporating a product they already make in to a branded setting. For example, the mini pink can of Sofia champagne from the Francis Ford Coppola Winery or the bottle of Chandon in the Galentine's-themed bucket. Or they can create a new branded product specifically made for a trend, like the diptyque Paris candle or Love Potion tumblr from


In addition to thinking of ways you can create a shareable-social-valentine type of image like this for your own brand, you could also use this as inspiration for creating a user-generated content contest. Challenge your audience to submit pictures of your products in a cute social valentine contest and the best image/caption wins a prize.

Event and party pros can use Galentines' Day to their advantage whether it's showcasing the perfect photo props or party decor through DIY tutorials, Instagram snaps, or styled shoots that make for prime pinning material.


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