Behind the Scenes with Discovery:: Fashion Branding + Logo Development

Discovery Clothing has 33 stores nationwide. Their target audience, the Discovery Girl, is all about defining herself, showing off who she is  and what she stands for.

After an extensive research and development phase for a style guide, we moved into the logo development and monthly photoshoots for the fashion brand. We are so thrilled that Discovery just opened their 4th store with the new branding across all of their retail touch points.

We want to share the behind the scenes of some of our logo sketches and color studies to give you a peek at what kind of work happens as we reestablished this fashion brand.

Brand characteristics

1. Sassy Self-Confidence

2. Reflect & Shine

3. More looks, Less Money


"Lisa and her team lead us through an extensive retail rebranding for Discovery Clothing. Starting with a brand style guide and we were guided through the strategic creative design of our logo, interior and exterior signage, customer touchpoint like accessory carding, bags and shoe boxes and rebranding of all of our social media platforms.

Jeff Goldman, CEO of Discovery Clothing




Discovery-Logo-Study-02 Discovery-Logo-Study-03




After we wrapped up the logo development the brand moved into all retail touch points, rack signs in the stores, shopping bags and across all online media. We took down Discovery's technologically outdated site and did a quick fix to link their Instagram account with a new tumblr website. Since the update to the brand their Instagram and tumblr followers have doubled.



One of our favorite opportunities was to work with Discovery and photographer Whitney Hsieh to capture their seasonal looks. Social media isn't always what it appears to be.


Professional photographers, models, make-up artists are just the tip of the iceberg. Lisa has been styling photo shoots since she worked at Crate and Barrel's corporate office in 2007. Lighting, mood, and positioning play a major role in making the chaos just right.



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