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We are very happy for Scott Stern and the brand consulting work we did for his digital marketing studio, Central Marketing Agency. Scott asked Step Brightly to work with him through his company's name change, and make a big branding splash in the digital marketing world.

Scott-Stern"The re-branding project Step Brightly did for Central Marketing Agency proves just how good Lisa is at creating an amazing visual identity for any brand. Step Brightly is known for beautiful design with bold colors and soft lines, but we needed something that was more "masculine with a crafty, quirky edge" (her words).

I look to Lisa whenever I have clients who need someone who can take a really strategic approach to their visual branding and can create something that advances their marketing and general business goals. Lisa spends the time to uncover your brand's core values and draws on those to create a really great visual identity."


We started the process with Simple. Honest. Work. branding cards, which was a fun and insightful card 'game' that helped us identify CMA's brand values.


Scott is a creative entrepreneur who, in a previous life, worked for the CIA as a targeting profiler. Now, he takes those same tactics, and applies them to target audience profiling for businesses.

As you know, we love to get our of our comfort zone, so we 100% dove into research for masculine government branding with a cheeky vintage edge. Vintage James Bond posters, mens fashion textures and organization, hidden symbology in CIA graphics, and our favorite: Big Lebowski Over-Acheiver badges.

Logo Exploration

Big thank you to Andrea Depaoli, a Step Brightly designer, for her creative ideas!

CIA inspired brand design logo study CIA inspired brand design

Final Brand logo and elements

CIA inspired brand design

We are looking forward to working with Scott more in the future as we convince clients they desperately need an Ex-CIA profiler on their team. Is there better way to nail your target audience then to use a profiler? No. I mean, it's genius.

You can connect with Scott here, here and here.

Brand Consultation and brand development for Central Marketing Agency

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