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There’s been a lot of awesome happening in the world of pop culture in the past couple of weeks and we couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the spotlight was on news regarding the music industry.

Typically it’s hard to nail down buzz in the music world since it changes about as often as Facebook changes its algorithms, whether it be feuds between artists that take place on the radio or new albums that drop with no warning, but these topics are more than a fleeting blip on the radar.

From Taylor Swift tackling tech giant Apple to Madonna blowing kisses to her haters, here’s this week’s #BrightBuzz:

1.) Article // To Taylor Swift, Love Spin Sucks

I think we can all agree Taylor Swift ruled the music world last week with the post she penned on Tumblr urging Apple to pay royalties to the musicians whose music would be played during the free 3-month trial period for their new streaming service.

Taylor wasn’t looking to wage war with the tech giant, per se, but it was clear she wanted the issue to be acknowledged and solved. Well, Apple listened and they have now agreed to pay artists during the free trial period for Apple Music.

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of traditional media professionals weeping. News flash: old-school PR and media tactics don’t work anymore.

People care about other people, and the best way to put people at the center of your brand is through great storytelling, community and real-life interaction, not press releases and canned messaging.

Now, we get it, this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about, and most of us don’t have the same sort of clout she does. Regardless, the girl’s got branding and communication chops and we could all take a lesson from her book, which Gini Dietrich over at Spin Sucks outlines perfectly in her post, "To Taylor Swift, Love Spin Sucks." 


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2.) Article // #MTVBump: Connecting the instant self-expression of the internet with broadcast TV

MTV has seen a variety of changes over the years, one of the most notable being the shift away from music and more toward a schedule full of reality shows, but at its core, giving viewers the entertainment they want has always been MTV’s schtick.

After all, their tagline is “I want my MTV,” or should we say was, because MTV’s new rebrand has changed their tagline to, “I am my MTV.” 

Yes, the day has come, MTV’s latest form of entertainment is coming from the viewers themselves, and we have to say, it’s pretty genius.

MTV is essentially tying in the social nature of their audience and letting their viewers have some of the spotlight by broadcasting short-form content produced by viewers who tag their Instagram, Twitter and Vine posts with #MTVBump.

Never one to be behind the times, this new move keeps MTV in its coveted spot as the most innovative and audience-focused channel on the tube, and we won’t be surprised to see other networks follow suit in the near future.


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3.) Article and Video // Growing Older With Madonna 

And no talk that includes MTV would be complete without mention of the original queen of MTV would it? And no, we’re not talking about Beyoncé. Don’t worry, Bey’s not offended, she knows Madonna is the Queen of MTV. There’s proof right in the video for “Bitch I’m Madonna,” which she released last week.

As far as a number is concerned, Madonna is ageless in our eyes, but not everyone can agree. It seems that with every new move Madonna makes, there’s always someone there to point out the closing gap between her age and what most people consider “time for retirement,” including the writer of this New York Times article who is weirdly confronting ageism with...more ageism?

Madonna argues she pulls the stunts she pulls (like flashing her derrière at the Grammy Awards this year) because 1.) she can and 2.) so the women behind her don’t have to deal with ageism as they grow in to a decades-long career in the music industry, but we honestly believe it’s even more simple than she let's on.

Re-invention, pushing the envelope, and being overtly sexual…that’s just Madonna, it’s her brand!

She knows this, and she also knows that for every time she flashes paparazzi on the red carpet or pairs up on stage with a teen pop legend like Taylor Swift (holy cow, we just made #BrightBuzz come full circle) she introduces herself to a whole new subset of fans. It’s entertainment at it’s very core, she’s Madonna, SHE'S A BRAND. And a musician’s brand must exist beyond the stage in order to have the type of career she has had, and she’s knew this long before the term personal brand was ever coined.

She’s an original, and to all her ageist haters' dismay, she isn’t going anywhere.


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