To be successful in business you need to create a holistic brand experience. If you don’t, you are losing money.

Branding your business is just as important as your business plan, your storefront windows and your personal style. This is especially true for retailers on and offline. Think about getting dressed for a VIP meeting with a potential client. You wear your best outfit, right? Something appropriate for the meeting. When you leave the meeting what does that potential client do? They go to your website. Imagine the horror if your website is underdressed or your last twitter update was ages ago, maybe you don't even have a twitter page! In the web world - thanks to tools like Pinterest, Instagram, and - you are outdated in 5 years. It's like a pair of shoes you have worn out - it's time to get a fresh, more current pair.


Your followers are sophisticated enough to recognize when they are being taken for a ride, and a bumpy one at that. To be successful in business: fashion, retail, professional services, you need to create a holistic branding experience for your clients, customers and social media following. If you don't, you are losing money. How do you get started with the perfect client experience? Evaluate what works and what doesn' some brand spring cleaning. We can help you get started with a free 30 minute phone consultation today.

Take a look at online personalities as an example of great holistic branding. Think Marie Forleo with The B-School, Gwenyth Paltrow with GOOP, our Bright Lady Alexa Von Tobel with LearnVest - I heard her on Sirius XM radio giving advice this morning. She's got her act together. Pop over to her website - she is walking, talking proof of well rounded branding. Her incredible website backs up her work and her respectable brand.

Online brands-that-are-awesome


You may be able to piece together a top from Anthropologie or a full skirt from J.Crew  - but how does that translate into a complete outfit? Just as you take your business and your wardrobe seriously, take your brand just as seriously--this is what your potential clients and customers interact with everyday. Beautifully thought out design is an investment, an investment in the future success of your brand and product, even if your brand is just you! This is exactly what Step Brightly does for small to medium-sized businesses with incredible ideas.

Together we can make your brand sing your personal style with ease. Our branding services are tailored to fit your needs, specific to your industry. Pick up the phone and let's have a chat about design, style, taste and the future of your business. We'd love to learn more about you!

Invest in your brand, invest in your success

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