Step Brightly revamped!

We took the plunge and revamped our business! New look, updated services and a fresh approach to brand design. Let's take a look at the fun creative process of how we updated our look. But first, let's make one thing clear: We are not advocating ditching the old for the new for any business. Unless you have totally updated your business services -- like moving from a graphic design studio to a bakery -- a new brand look would be confusing for your existing clients and potential referrals. Instead we are advocating a face lift, some botox for your brand. And it's nothing to be ashamed of.

Step-Brightly-branding-process Step Brightly is still a boutique graphic design and web design studio but we have shifted our approach to focus on brand design strategy.

What is brand design strategy you ask? Good question!

It is something that we have been practicing with our clients since we opened our doors in 2009. Brand Design Strategy is combining business objectives with design strategy to form a design plan to execute overtime. Added bonus...we make extremely good looking brands. There has been an astronomical shift in branding since I started my graphic design career in San Francisco 15 years ago -- we have moved from single customer touch points -- a package, a billboard -- to multiple branding touch points everyday. Your business must have a consistent brand design strategy: from your marketing approach to your website design all the way down to your business card. Consistency is king, or in our case, queen. To create brand consistency for our clients we create fabulous style guides. Take a peak at our style guide to see how we arrived at the revamped Step Brightly look.

See how we revamped our brand voice to create a new lifestyle and branding blog, and new look for our business

You can read more about our business strategy and services here.  Interested in seeing how our process has unfolded in our client work? Check out our portfolio where we have selected only our top 6 case studies that showcase our best brand designs from Chicago to San Francisco to Cape Cod. 


One of the most important aspects of developing a successful brand look for your business is to pay special attention to the typography and messaging. What you said, and how you say it will set you apart. Here is a smart way how to create personality and distinction with your brand typography.

How to create a mixture of typography styles for your brand design


Color plays a vital role in your brand design strategy. With a name like Step Brightly...we obviously have to be bright and cheery, and why not! We #livebrightly. But, there is the potential to go overboard. Selecting when and where to use bright colors is important to create an air of sophistication and whimsy at the same time. Select when and where to use bright colors in your brand is vital to create an air of sophistication and whimsy So, take a peek around, stay awhile! We'd love to help you find your brand design strategy and see how your bona-fide brand comes to life. Let's talk!

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