Behind the Scenes :: Client Kelly Lowery tells us how brand design adds value to her business.

Kelly and I had coffee last week and I am inspired to share where our conversation went after some needed caffeine. Step Brightly helped Kelly rebrand her company in 2013. She came to Step Brightly with a new name for her information services strategy and consulting firm, and we were tasked to create the brand design--logo, color, typography, graphic elements, website and marketing materials. 

Before-After-site-for-ConsultingIf you are considering rebranding your business, I think Kelly's insight will shed light on our process and potentially your branding dilemmas. Here is what Kelly had to say about her brand journey: 

Kelly, how has your brand added value to your business?

"1. Creditability

2. Depth of expertise

I believe much of our new clients are gained from word-of-mouth. However I believe our brand design and our thoughtful website structure adds credibility to who we are and what value we can bring for new clients. Our brand establishes us as a legitimate player in a competitive market by showcasing not only our services but illustrating the people and the depth of their expertise through their profiles."

Step Brightly's brand exploration and process development for KHLowery Consulting

What was the most effective value that Step Brightly added to your business from a branding and business perspective?


In our initial Q/A phase, Lisa asked me to think about our brand and what we wanted our brand to exemplify and consider other brands that we value and recognize. This process help us to be strategic about what we wanted our clients to see in our brand and remember about us."

What are the top 2 things you would recommend someone look for in a brand design studio?

"I would recommend to think about a brand design firm that is going to spend time with you and wants to understand your business. I would also suggest that you ask about their process for developing a new design. If you want a design studio that wants to know your business and your opinions and has a strong process in place to help you create a new design for your company - you should consider Lisa and Step Brightly."

Behind the Scenes interview with Step Brightly's client, KHLowery Consulting on how branding is an asset to her business

Thank you so much for sharing Kelly, we appreciate your time and insight into your branding experience. To read more about KHLowery Consulting and their services visit their website. Visit our portfolio to learn more about the brand work done for KHLowery.

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