The Value of Pinterest for your Business

We've all done it before - spent hours on Pinterest dreaming up a new closet, stockpiling recipes for the coming month, and collecting ideas for your next child's birthday party.


In addition to the inevitable weight gain associated with those delicious desserts we pinned, we believe that Pinterest is actually a great tool for your business. In a recent article on Design*Sponge, Katrina Pardon of Padron Social Marketing said it quite nicely: if you are doing work you would love to share, pin it; if your work is inspired by someone or something, pin it; if there is something you personally like, pin it. Recent statistics in FastCompany prove Pinterest is one of the highest drivers of sales, site visits and brand recognition - every pin is driving two site visits and six page views...often times 3 months after the initial pin. Wow!

There is no denying you need Pinterest for your business. To us, Pinterest's most valuable aspects are brand personalization, visualization and organization.


Your Pinterest account is an incredible brand-building tool. Not only are you collecting images that you like, you are collecting and displaying them in a way so that your personal preferences and tastes attract a certain audience - if they like your pins as well, they'll follow you. This consequently gives provides a simple yet profound glimpse into who is the brains and visionary behind a Pinterest account. Capitalize on this. How you would furnish your own home, decorate for the holidays or dress up for a party can all be conveyed in a targeted yet personal way and attract the perfect client or customer.

Visualization is key to understanding a design strategy, idea or concept. Saying "Step Brightly is a boutique brand design studio" is a very accurate description of what we do. However, there are a lot of boutique graphic design & web design studios out there. Why should potential clients choose us? Our portfolio is hopefully where they look to determine this first, but Pinterest helps bridge the gap between the initial concept and our final design strategy for many of our brainstorming boards. We have a certain aesthetic and appreciation for styles, type and design. Need a better visualization of this? Look on our Pinterest.

Reverse this same principle once the client is on board - "I am thinking an abstract elephant for my children's clothing company logo because it means longevity." That can mean a number of things, some of which can be incredibly cute, others incredibly questionable. We work with our clients to create a Pinterest board identifying certain styles, type and design that define their vision. Here is a snippet of our Pinterest board for Liz Colhoun Events.


In addition to enhancing understanding between Step Brightly and our clients, Pinterest is a fantastic way to stay organized. Perhaps our home organization client, Urben Renewal, wants to launch an email campaign around a new type of organization each month. This could require visiting 50+ websites that quickly become hard to keep track of - instead, we pin our favorite images and store them all in a Private board so they are all in one place. On that note, Private Boards are invaluable for keeping ideas original. When we launched our Bright Ladies || Inspired Branding series, we did not want to start putting pins out there with "Branded Lady" as the topic - other pinners might start to wonder OR realize quickly what we are doing and do it themselves. Boards are also a great way to organize articles and keep key ideas in one place when a new strategy or tactic is necessary to boost your business.


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