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When thinking of someone who really worked hard and was kind to get to the top, Holly Becker immediately comes to mind. As a world-reknowned author, designer, and stylist now living in Germany, Holly spent many years struggling for a place in her early years. You would never know this reading her infamous design and interiors blog Decor8. Holly has grown and developed her own unique style and curated sensibility, and it is her hard work and determination that got her to where she is today. She is a true model of what all of us can be if only we set our mind to it and hurdled the obstacles in our paths.



Five reasons we love Holly Becker:

  1. Holly Becker is a woman who does not shrink from sharing. She celebrates her success by providing insight and knowledge to her readers, and helping them by sharing her experiences. In this interview by ProBlogger, and her e-course Blogging Your Way, she gives insight into the ins and outs of blogging successfully. We love that she is so open with her knowledge!
  2. This lady has such a trained eye for style and design. Her blog Decor8 is a constant source of inspiration for creatives all over the world. We often find ourselves perusing the pages when looking for a spark, and with such a well-curated space for interiors, crafters, and shops worldwide, you can't go wrong.
  3. We love that Holly embraces color. In many of her styling shots, you will see bursts of bright pinks, teals, hot reds and oranges. We love to Live Brightly, and are thrilled that she does too!
  4. Holly is a classy lady. She is one to remain a consummate professional: classy, generous, sophisticated...even when dealing with negative comments or press. She carries herself well, and it reflects outward to those who look to her for guidance and inspiration.
  5. And like our founder, Lisa, she's going to be a new mommy! We love women who prove that you can have a family and still do it all!


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