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Grace Bonney, author of the incredibly popular Design Sponge blog AND book, is an inspiration to all. She's got so much spark and obvious, radiating energy for what she does, you can't help but feel excited about design as well!



Reasons why we love Grace Bonney:

1. Grace runs one of our favorite go-to design blogs, Design Sponge. Two of our top recommended resources can be found here: Biz Ladies and City Guides. We love a lady who is smart in business, and who gives a broad range of women the opportunity to educate other ladies who want to be successful entrepreneurs. We'd love to be part of that club!

2. She is a poster woman for Living Brightly! From embracing DIY and finding new ways to stay healthy to entertaining and exploring, Grace really inspires us to life life fully.

3. In 2007, she founded an annual Design Sponge scholarship for up-and-coming art and design students. We love biz ladies who give back, especially to the art and design community!

4. In a recent blog post, Grace opened up to the world and came out. She wants to share who she really is and what she is about - we respect and admire her openness and think she serves as an amazing example for all.

5. One of Grace's goals last year was to "get smaller, not bigger." That's one of the things we love about Grace: she embraces the need for familiarity and trusts her gut when making decisions about her life and business.


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