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We love a woman who embraces life, and brings magic to the world. That woman this week, is Anne Sage, of the popular blog City Sage. We admire creative women who seem to be good at everything, because we know that passion and hard work is what really got them there. Anne Sage is is a multi-talented maven of storytelling and we can't get enough of her!



Reasons we love Anne Sage:

1. She is a jane-of-all trades. We love that Anne embraces all creative pursuits and doesn't limit herself to one area of expertise. Whether it is styling, writing, creative directing or consulting, Anne Sage shines at them all.

2. This lady's got style! Anne's blog, The City Sage, is a wealth of eye candy and information about styling fashion and interiors. P.S. Have you read her bio?  It's pretty perfect!

3. Which brings us to this: she is humble, down-to-earth, and friendly. While we haven't met her in person, you can tell by each interview that she has done and her online presence that this lady is the sweetest!

4.  Anne Sage is the co-founder of Rue Magazine, the most stylish magazine on the web these days. We love Rue, and everything they put out is pure gold!

5. All in all, she embraces fear and moves forward anyway. She puts her passion first, and approaches every project with love, respect, and heart. We know the fears of putting yourself out there, anticipating rejection, trying something near, and taking risks...and she encourages you to embrace them all and go for it. She is an inspiration for women, and a pioneer for multi-career adventurers!

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