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Have you ever read the blog *Wit & Delight? Because if you haven't, you should start exactly NOW. Kate Arends is our latest Bright Woman to feature in our Inspired Branding series and I think it's safe to say this girl is an absolute dream to capture in brand board. She is consistent, creative and classic. I love reading her blog for design, food and life inspiration or to find other amazing blogs because she has delightful taste and loves to share other groups and people she believes in (like my dear friend, Stately Sandwiches gal, Kelly Pratt!). So I have a small girl crush, ok?


Reasons we love Kate Arends:

1. Based off of her Instagram alone, I really want to be her friend.

2. Her style is consistent with her brand. And I love it. Tomboy chic, classic clean.

3. She doesn’t succumb to just black and white minimalism – she adds the perfect touch of pattern or color. And it always works!

4. She’s edgy yet exudes a sophistication and elegance, even if what she’s promoting or doing is masculine or earthy.

5. She shares incredibly unique brands, products and concepts that are consistent with her brand and style.

6. I think we would have a fun time drinking beer and talking about Paris. Two things she talks about, and two things I will always talk about.

7. It was easy to come up with more than 5 things to say about her. Therefore, I really do think we should be friends.


image credits

Green pants & shoes // Black pants & shoes // PBR
Table Interior // Kate // Kitchen
Flowers // Logo
Coffee // Kate in Europe // Flowers


p.s. ok I'm obsessed with her tumblr too.

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