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The next woman in our Bright Women || Inspired Branding series: the mystical maven, Florence Welch. Florence is a woman from another time, who seems to defy the modern era. Here are my top 5 reasons for not only picking her for this series, but for branding her as you'll see in the board below.



Reasons we love Florence Welch

  1. It is Florence's mystical quality that really draws you in. She seems to radiate magic.
  2. This woman can really command a stage. With her beautiful voice and dramatic look, she is one powerful woman.
  3. There is something to be said for a woman who is such a commanding presence, yet is so unmistakably feminine, without having to be what society typically thinks of as sexy.
  4. Florence is a woman with a bohemian vintage style that is all her own. She doesn't try to be somebody else, someone she's not.
  5. She's not afraid to be bold, spirited, unconventional and free. I love her look on the cover of Vogue Nippon.

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Dress // Wallpaper // Florence Welch
Mirror // Wallpaper // Shoe
Interior // Interior // Interior
Rug // Interior

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