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If we ever had to pick someone who truly does have a twinkle in her eye, it would HAVE to be Emily Henderson. This designer is not only the cutest thing since a baby chick, she has some serious skills in the home transformation department. You've probably seen her show, Secrets from a Stylist, on HGTV (or cheered for her when she won Design Star). And there has yet to be a project posted on her style and design blog that doesn't make me want to change my entire house. If only she could be on hand to make my dreams a reality...


Five reasons we love Emily Henderson:

1. She believes in the power of vintage. It's her philosophy. And when it comes to decorating, it's ours too. Always include something vintage.

2. She has the best jeans that I've been looking for for years. Emily, where are they from?!

3. Not only does she consistently rock red, white and blue, she consistently looks smashing in the Americana combo. She would definitely get best dressed at our Fourth of July BBQ.

4. Be warned - if you click on the Makeovers icon on her blog, that's the rest of your day. Delightful!

5. She's also expecting a little babe and us pregnant professional women must stick together!

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