Step Brightly News: It’s a girl! Celebrating Mother’s Day in a big way


We are having a girl! 13 weeks and counting till the arrival of baby Guillot in late July. Lisa is beside herself…well, more like behind herself as her belly grows with anticipation.

“When I had Julien in July 2010 I was admittedly scared. I didn’t know how to be a mother, I didn’t know what to expect, I read the book, but what does that do? I was growing into being a step mother to Sam and Ben, but wasn’t ready for the complete life reversal that a newborn was about to create in my heart and in my arms. This time I am better prepared, understanding that there is indeed an end to sleepless nights (thank God). And I will find time to put on make-up in the mornings and get fully-dressed. I remember one week after Julien was born I had fingernail polish on only one hand. I couldn’t find the time to take it off the other five fingers. Yes, new moms…it’s that bad. Beautiful maternity photo shoots don’t prep you for the endless dirty diapers and sleepless nights. This time, at least I am clued in.”


“I am already planning mani-pedi’s with my little girl. I am already concerned about tween bullying on the playground. I wonder what her hair is going to look like. I wonder if she will like me when she is 17. I didn’t think this way with Julien. With Julien I thought, “When will he be able to use a spoon?” And other practical life necessities. I am ready to start the journey again, fresh, sleepless and with more experience. So, here’s to mother’s second time around!”


“These are shots that always make me smile from the Fall of 2011 when Julien was 15 months old. Already toddling around, a few teeth and a few words like, “Mama” warmed my heart everyday. Happy Mother’s day moms!” Gorgeous photography by Kelly Allison Photography.

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