Chicago DIY Wedding :: Use your local grocery market!

A Chicago wedding can be under $15,000. And to help prove this point: a great idea for your centerpieces. The colors of this wedding, which was held at The Green Dolphin Street, were fuchsia and chartreuse. The jazz infused music and vibrant colors choices immediately led me to bright, fresh and colorful centerpieces. Let nature do the work for you. Check your local produce market or farmers market to see what is in season. Flowers are not the only natural flavor to help add color and life to your tables. Experiment!

Centerpieces from your local market

Chicago is so lucky to have Stanley's Fruit & Vegetables on the corner of North and Elston. I literally spent $100 and walked away with lush green apples, bright orange peppers and deep green asparagus. Really! Add a fun twist to the traditional centerpiece, and why not? Your guests are there to have fun, just as much as you are. Show off your unique, quirky and romantic side with a little sweet, sour and spice.

Location Green Dolphin Street
Photographs by Thea Dickman
Centerpieces and Favors by Lisa Guillot
Ribbon and ice cubes from Michael's
Chocolates provided by The Candy Factory

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