Step Brightly is a boutique design studio specializing in brand design strategy. We insist on doing fabulous work for fabulous people.

For clients looking for an intentional approach that creates a cohesive strategy and a beautifully resonating, meaningful brand, we fancy ourselves perfect partners.

We can unify your newly crafted brand across all your potential touch points—visual identity, print and packaging, online and in social media, communication and marketing, and, always, always with your goals in mind. 

Schooled in the classic roots of good design and with plenty of relevant experience from brick and mortar to digital, Step Brightly’s creative director Lisa Guillot shares her expertise with clients through strategic brand design engagements and through Bright Now, a blog bursting with inspired ideas. 

Many of our clients are just like us, women-owned businesses or businesses in the business of women. We are a collaborative, friendly team of specialists with broad experience in industries ranging from Lifestyle to Wellness, Beauty to Entertainment, Retail to Professional Services.

We specialize in


Identity design

Graphic design

Custom website design



Ready to be awed? Take a look at our portfolio here. Ready to dive in and do the work? Email us at to get started. Want to sign up for our monthly love note to branding, design and other fun stuff? Sign up here.